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In the name of of Allah the Merciful .
After many requests from a group of bloggers who seem to want to blog on I found that I have to meet these requests and open the door to serious bloggers.

Welcome my brother, my sister Karim. The following are the posting conditions for "annotated":

1. The subject should not be reproduced entirely from another site. But the theme is borrowed from several different sources, and I've put it in your own style. We also welcome topics translated from foreign sites.

2 - The subject does not contain methods of activation of illegal (kicks or serials ...).

3 - The topic has not been discussed at, but it is fine if there is a new addition in the same subject.

4 - The style of expression is not very rude, but there are some simple mistakes.

5. The subject should not be irrelevant to the area of ​​competence of the site "technology and technical materials".

6. The subject should not be related to the methods of profit from the Internet.

7. The subject shall not contain any abuse of persons of other religions or sects.

8 - The subject does not contain any taboos in the "Islamic law" or pictures of women.

9. The subject should be a written statement and not a video.

A writer or blogger can attach his name to the subject, with links to his social networking pages or his personal site link.

To publish the post on, please write it in a Word file, and send it to me by "Abdel Latif El Maghraby" at the following e-mail.

Welcome back and thank you for your interest in your site

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