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How do you delete a message This copy of windows is not genuine and the emergence of the black screen

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How do you delete a message This copy of windows is not genuine and the emscriptergence of the black screen

Number of visitors to the live broadcast service Tsaal asking about how to delete a message This copy of windows is not genuine from the employment system, but also the possibility of changing the wallpaper. In fact, this letter is a copy Aluindo that is used by non-native, and you should review. But to do so while Saric in this post a very simple way by which you delete this message.

First run cmd command prompt by pressing windows + X has been selected (command prompt (admin., Or by searching for orders cmd prompt and click the right mouse button and choose to run the powers of Director as in the picture below.

Anja then type this line SLMGR -REARM After completion, click on Enter, and wait a little bit to that process the message that appears tmp successfully (command completed successfully).

Third, restart your computer, and then you will notice the disappearance of the letter, where you can then change the desktop background to any background of your choice.