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7 best software to run applications and games on the Android and Windows

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7 best ,software to run ,applications and, games on the ,Android and ,Windows

Despite the proliferation of Android phones dramatically in the Arab market, but the search for a program to run applications and games on the Android and Windows and some programs also working on a Mac system continue.

Android System Simulator is a program that is installed on a Windows system, or different systems and other in which to run applications and Android games, so we review with you the best seven programs or emulator for the Android system.

  • 1- Bluestacks

Where is Bluestacks program is the most popular of the rest of the other programs, allows you to program, install applications and games in the Android system is simple and you can also from the Root of the program of work capacity and also many of the advantages is that you can pay $ 2 a month for a copy Qatar Airways.

  • 2- Droid4x

Droid4x of the newest programs that have been issued to run applications and games Android on the Windows system is fast and simple program, but the program comes installed Google shop and which you can install software quickly without the need to download the APK applications, is that it dramatically suitable for Windows 10.

  • 3- AMIDuOS

AMIDuOS program two versions release first Bondroed Geely comes between and the other comes to issue Crown Bob comes but you'll need to pay $ 10 to use the version of Geely between and $ 15 to use the issue to the Crown Bob, AMIDuOS program is good for users in terms of software games, but is good for developers.

  • 4- Andy

Program is Andy Months of the program which was issued recently to run applications Android games faster and easier without the need for any complications, but at the beginning Edition it contains many of the problems that prompted users to use other programs, but almost more of these problems have been fixed in the latest period, making it one of the best programs in the current time, and you will need to install VirtualBox to run Andy program.

  • 5- Windroy

Free software also run Android applications and games, but it depends on your system kernel, is a simple program that does not consume any space.

  • 6- Genymotion

Is one of the best programs to run Android applications and games, from which you can install different versions of the Android system, it gives you the best experience for games and applications, is one of the best software developers, providing them with suitable working environment.

  • 7. Nox

It may be you do not hear about Nox by the program, but it is one of the best programs also run for Windows games.