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Did you know that your phone Samsung available on this hidden option to record calls | Know how to add

The ATV is available on the Samsung nice feature enabled do not come with the phone, is to add the option to record calls, as shown in the picture, you will need to activate your phone to be his powers of your root, and then continue with me stages add this option it is important to screen easily connect.

First you should download this application from the Google Play Store via the following link:
CSC Feature Expert for Samsung

After you download and install open and press the first option and you will see a range of options Look for VoiceCall as in the picture and press it:

Now after choosing descend down pushing the config recording option as in the image:

After that opens a small window waiting for a little bit until you see the context in which you write recordingallowed as in the picture:

Click on the last to save or save, and restart the phone, and then Go to make the call and you will see the emergence of an option as the first picture, and when pressed will record calls.

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