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Windows 10 mobile: the final version Downloads The Lumia

Microsoft has made available its new son system for Windows 10 smartphone in the mobile version of its stability, SEVERAL MODELS Lumia are Concerned with the update.

Several WEEKS after waiting And Many versions of Microsoft Delivers Final test of the new system for smartphones son of Windows 10 mobile. Only SOME Lumia Models in BENEFIT MAY Application June Përmet ensure compatibility before starting the upgrade.

Windows 10 PC is payable July 29, 2015 Arrived well What Microsoft has designed new OS son as a unified System Knew That the mobile version would not be issued The Memé time. Pour the expected end of the year will then pushed it Fallu June long series of test version, build the proposed voluntary testers Insider program, paid version to reach final in June

In case the update process and compatibility with the Windows Phone That Microsoft planned to go under Windows 10 mobile. The final missing references Many of the mobile and the ONLY specified models on the page officielle  Have the ability to retrieve the update.

son blog Wanting the author of Microsoft Windows 10 only explains to The appliances will Sie Offer The Best experience possible to users The. This Is not compatible WITH SOME old models, same if SOME of it CAN USE These versions of Windows 10 Preview mobile

An aid application to install
Windows Phone 8.1 devices MAY USE request in June dedicated to the update: Upgrade Advisor, available to download in the Windows Store

The program checks if the phone is ready for the update and allows the user to express his will to receive Windows 10 mobile.

Lack of disk space, the compatibility of an application or absence of the latest version 8.1 of Windows Phone may especially hinder the update. When everything is in order, the user can trigger the download and installation by visiting your phone settings to the "Update the phone."
Next step: Redstone
Once Windows 10 installed mobile, owners of Lumia and other eligible models therefore have the ability to use Windows 10 mobile as would the Lumia 950, 550 or 650 that run natively on the new system. But they can also decide to participate in the program and receive insider new test versions of Windows 10 mobile which they did not have access before.

Microsoft already prepares indeed the evolution of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile: Redstone release. This should be available in June according to initial estimates. This time period of output versions for PC and smartphone should be closer, the publisher recently harmonized numbering, the Windows kernel 10 being on the same computer or mobile.

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