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Android CDC Driver

Do you own the Alphard and you are looking for USB drivers to connect your device to your computer, you may have reached the correct page. Download the Alphard USB driver from here, install it on your computer, and connect your device to your PC or laptop successfully.

Android CDC Driver

File Name
8.3 MB
Create Date
March 10 , 2017
Last Updated
Driver Name
CDC Driver

Driver Name: CDC Driver

Driver Name: VCOM Driver

This package ,, is for Android devices which require CDC USB Drivers to communicate with PC either to flash the firmware file,s, or to transfer files to & from device to PC.

How to manually install the driver

1: Download and extract the driver on your computer.

2: Open Device Manager and click Add Old Hardware List.

3: Click Next.

4: Select Install the devices I manually select from the list.

5: Locate the manually extracted driver on your computer.

6: Click Add.

7: Your driver will be installed and inserted in Device Manager.