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Huawei (Honor) USB ,Drivers For Windows

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Tip - Take a copy, backup, using a transfer, mobile phone
Before accessing the root, for your Android smartphone, make sure you have a backup copy of all the data stored on it, whether photos, clips, videos, documents, contacts, messages, or even conversations.

Gihosoft, Mobile Phone, Transfer, allows you to back up your phone with easy-to-follow steps for free!

Moreover, you will be able to support your smartphone via MacOS or Windows, so we assure you that you will be safe when doing any of the procedures available after downloading and installing Huawei, USB Driver, on your computer.

In addition, if you lose your data after rooting without having to back up, you can quickly recover it using the free Android data recovery software.


For Huawei devices, install the Huawei or Honor, USB Driver installs with the same steps.

This is the general way to download, install Huawei, USB Driver, fitting for your mobile phone and your operating system. From now on, you'll be able to access your device root and install a custom ROM on it and more.

The way to install a USB drive varies from factory to factory in a download step, USB drive, because some manufacturers allow you to download an .exe file directly or download it as a .zip file. Same in the installation method, using the same principle, allowing the same functions after installing the USB driver.

Honor Phones Model NameUSB Drivers
Honor 4/ 4C/ 4XUSB Drivers
Honor 5A/ 5C/ 5XUSB Drivers
Honor 6/ Plus/ 6XUSB Drivers
Honor 7 / 7C / 7XUSB Drivers
Honor 8 / Pro / LiteUSB Drivers
Honor 8X / 8X Max / 8CUSB Drivers
Honor Holly 2 / 3USB Drivers
Honor Holly 4 / PlusUSB Drivers
Honor Note 8USB Drivers
Honor 9 / 9 Lite / 9i / 9NUSB Drivers
Honor View 10 / V10USB Drivers
Honor 10 / 10 LiteUSB Drivers
Honor 10iUSB Drivers
Honor Note 10USB Drivers
Honor Play 8AUSB Drivers
Honor Universal Drivers [Any Model]USB Drivers