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5 features of the new iPhone 11, not mentioned by Apple in its presentation!

When introducing new smartphones, Apple usually always focuses only on major improvements, without mentioning some less significant changes. The announcement of the iPhone 11 was no exception - a lot of words were said about the processor and cameras, and some other innovations were also identified later on the official website. Here are some interesting points that are not mentioned in the presentation.

Weight of iPhone 11 Pro Max

The dimensions and weight of the device are rarely mentioned specifically in Apple's presentation, especially when it comes to 226 grams. That's how much weight the iPhone 11 Pro Max is - one of the heaviest leading phones on the market. For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 + weighs 196 grams, iPhone XS Max - 208 grams and Huawei P30 Pro - 192 grams.

IP68 standard

All new Apple phones will come with protection against moisture and dust according to IP68 standard. But, as it turned out, the iPhone 11 can withstand water at a short depth of about 2 meters, while the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max will withstand up to 4 meters. From the humidity, the iPhone 11 is inferior to the "Big Brother".

3D Touch

It is also not mentioned that the three new products lack 3D Touch technology. Long clicks are now programmatically processed. The latest smartphones with 3D Touch are the iPhone XS and XS Max.


There is no doubt that Apple is well aware that the fast charging speed of 18 watts is now available in a range of new smart phones, has stated that its new phone will support this type of fast charging. But it did not mention that in the case of the iPhone 11, it must be purchased separately. Yes, the phone will come with a charger in a box but it will only be a 5W charger.

2x magnification

The iPhone 11 will come with a dual camera, where the second unit is designed for wide-angle shooting. Dual zoom is also mentioned, but in this case, it is not optical, but it is digital.However, optical zoom is available only on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, which is performed through the third camera.