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Download iRoot (all versions)

iRoot (formerly vRoot) is an Android root application that will help you to easily access your Android smartphone and tablet. It's a one-click rooting tool that gives you access to a large number of Android smartphones and tablets. On this page you can download the iRoot application (we have provided all versions of this published tool so far).

Features of the IRoot application


If you want to use the iRoot application, you must first install it on your computer. Only you can use it correctly.

Root in one click:

Allows you to root your Android smartphone and tablet with one click. Just launch the iRoot application and connect the device to your computer, then click the root button to root your device.

Root recovery mode:

If iRoot has trouble uprooting your device in normal mode, your device will automatically reboot and attempt to remove it from recovery mode.

Additional features:

Whenever you try to access the root of your Android device using iRoot, iRoot will automatically install System Cleaner, Chinese App Store on your device (which may be removed later).

  1. Download iRoot – Latest Version
  2. Download iRoot
  3. Download iRoot
  4. Download iRoot_1.8.7.20375
  5. Download iRoot_1.8.7.20299
  6. Download iRoot_1.8.6.19461
  7. Download iRoot_1.8.5.15285
  8. Download iRoot_1.7.9.10454
  9. Download iRoot_1.7.6.58990
  10. Download iRoot_1.7.3.48630