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Samsung and HTC Corporation and Sony offers you three BB Srihlachtbar Mjmuahmn things in phones before buying

Buy used phones in great danger of being cheat you after you use Vtaatvaji things may not work well for this and developed a set of some Coded companies that make up the lists to test a bunch of things on the phone, and among these, known as a leading mobile companies We find Samsung, HTC, Sony, where you'll find me on the three codes for each company in which you can that you are piloting a range of important things in your phone before you buy it.

/> Samsung Company :

You can open the communication interface of any Samsung phone like you want to make a call and you place this code:

It will open automatically and you will find the interface to test the clarity of the screen, and the touch test, vibration, speakers and camera (front and rear) .... etc., so you can stand in front of the fact that the phone is it works well or not.

htc company:

Open a contact list is also in HTC phones before buying them, and put this code:

Will open with you and you can interface through which the sound and the screen test and battery and other large group of important things in the phone as shown in the picture:

sony company

Place the following code in the communication interface in the Sony phones:

Will bring up a list can be cross-tested the keyboard and touch screen in addition to the speakers and the display and alarm lights ... etc:

Then, are the three codes to test the phones for three companies before buying them, and the way I looked for the other companies did not find this feature in which up to share with you, and see you in  future blog post Grace of God.

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