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Video: In a strange incident, of young American married his iPhone 6 and held married in church

An American young man named Aaron Hervanak lives in Los Angeles, married a contract with a phone iPhone 6 in a strange incident but its dimensions and the object of this more than intrinsically funny.

And Aaron Hervanak went to church with his car and rushed Bchoca for Hazor his wedding and his wife in his pocket after he came from a distant city competition, and through the video you will see shows that he put his hand in the ring connected to cover his wife's iPhone 6.

It is known that the law in the city of Los Angeles is not allowed to marry anyone Bhattvh, but the rites of the Church allow it, and surprised the owner Alkensh of the order at first glance, but he said that there are a lot of people have yet to marry things other than humans that has decided to carry out these decrees.

And put Aaron message which explains why the oldest on the move, where he said that in our time there is a large class of people stuck in a terrible Bhoatvha not separated from their hands all the time, it was unclear if Aaron will dissolution of his marriage after being Aatalaq iPhone 7 or that Sadil faithful to his wife, Yvonne 6.

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