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Three applications you'll find inside all the secret codes of the phone to open the secret lists and hidden in the phone

Many are the secret codes in Android phones that Tokhaddk to several secret lists some of them are very important in many cases, these codes vary from one phone to another, so there are several applications you collect these tags and determine their function and also some of these tags Sort by every phone company certain, so in this post I liked share with four applications provides you with all the BB phones secrecy Along details.

Secret Codes

The program gives you a huge number of tags with a small de

Secret Codes

This application also includes a very large number of tags to experience her job on the phone, enough that you press them and if they are compatible with your phone will open with you list that code, in the case did not open anything you experience other BB.

Mobile Phone Codes

The beauty of this application is that the classification of these codes by each type of phone, after you open it you will find several names for phones and clicking on any name will open with you own Alowad with a de

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