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What is the secret behind the creation of Facebook this laboratory, which contains more than 2000 different kinds of smart phone

The company Facebook completion of laboratory includes more than 2,000 smartphone various types of systems running in their data center, which resides in Prineville, Oregon, this laboratory is available on a large number of mobile phones lined up side by side and the subject of the shelves have been created specifically for this center and numbering 63 rack, each rack we find the phone number 32.

 Group of users questioned why the Facebook this huge number of phones, but a giant company such as Facebook What awaits them?, This Almchter has created in order to test their applications are even working hard and without them the users face any problems.

 If not noticed me in the images that each rack is present at any angle available on the wireless access point in addition to the camera, which helps the company's engineers to see how the updated from the company on the phone applications work before landing updates officially, if you find the performance of the application less than the version before it you correct the defect before the launch, and here comes the role of the laboratory, they note the experience of applications on both the Android system and the ios and windows.

Facebook Inc. said it is considering a lot and is constantly in the number of adult users 1.5 billion who are using the application and its location, which is certainly a professional step of the company to improve and develop applications, the thing that increases the proportion of profits and user satisfaction for its services.

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